What Is EmpTrack

EmpTrack is the cutting edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies providing contactless solutions and contact tracing information for businesses and companies’ employees, visitors or customers. .

Free Signup

EmpTrack is now free to use for users and merchants. First to use for basic EmpTrack. If you require more features, try EmpTrack Pro.


Fastest And Secure Registration

EmpTrack make use of the available parking users info for contact tracing records hence user does not need to re-enter the name and phone number unless required to. All you need is to either enter your body temperature information or scan with our automated EmpTrack temperature sensor.


Online Report

Merchant easily download reports for their business premises information that is compliant to requirement.


Save your paperwork on recording the visitor information. All you need is to register, print your QR code to display at the location required and finally ensure the visitors scan the code and enter the required information. End of the day, you may get the printable report online.

EmpTrack Merchant

Forget the pen and paper. Save the trees and avoid pen contact. Registration of merchant is simple. Just click below to register.

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Print Your QR

Verify your account email, then you may login to your account and print your premise QR code for your visitor to scan.

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Login To Your Account

Login to your account to download the report for free. If you need better reporting with multiple sites at once, you can try EmpTrack Pro.

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Scan QR

Scan the QR code with the app Flexi Parking, Smart Selangor Parking, Wilayah Parking or any QR scanner to open the link to enter your information. No app? No worries, just use any browser go to https://e.lits.com.my and enter the EmpTrack Code you see from the EmpTrack poster


Enter Info

If you are using the app, you only require to enter the body temperature information and submit. If you are using QR scanner or web-based, key in all information required and submit once; while the next time, you only need to key in the body temperature information only.


Download and Install

If you haven't done so, download the Flexi Parking app for faster registration in future.

EmpTrack Pro

With the EmpTrack Pro version, it comes with facial recognition and automatic body temperature sensing for attendance recording.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition helps to identify employees and visitor for body temperature record, attendance record and identification.


Automated Body Temperature Measurement

Proximity sensor detects user distance to start body temperature measurement. Alert when body temperature is high.


Cloud Storage

Data is stored on the cloud. Records can be recalled anytime. Records stored is compliant with PDPA.


More Features

Unlimited locations for one merchant account, employee attendance record with complete time calculation, entry and exit access control, remote control of access and many more.


Unlimited free usage for basic user. Pay only if you require pro premium version.
Features Basic Pro Pro Hardware
Monthly Price Free RM10/QR/month (~33 cents a day) Call to enquire
Yearly Promo Free RM100/QR/year Call to enquire
Minimum subscription None 6 months 6 months
Number of QR 1 No limit No limit
Report printing range 1 week range 1 month range 1 month range
Report history 2 weeks max Subscription duration Subscription duration
Export to Excel
Online subscription
Cloud data storage
Company branding
Multiple QR per location
Attendance report
Hardware customization
Facial recognition AI hardware and software (Optional)
Automated body temperature measurement (Optional)
Entry/Exit IoT controled access (Optional)
Remote control access (Optional)
Local server (Optional)

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